New restaurant Tkemali was opened in the heart of Moscow, at the place of the restaurant “Spices and Joys”. The name “Tkemali” is only a hint, a reference to the main content. Dishes of Georgian and Caucasian cuisine will be offered here.

The philosophy of Tkemali is variety of vegetables and meat cooked on fire, delicious bread, exceptional spices and sauces. Talented and experienced chef Zaza Shengelia manages Tkemali kitchen. He sharpened his skills in Georgia and Turkey. For several years he has been working in Moscow. Zaza pleased gourmets in such restaurants as Tiflis Yard, Argo and Neighbors. Now in “Tkemali” he is responsible for the variety and bright taste of food. You can find n the main menu the Georgian classics: khinkali (80 rub), old recipe khachapuri (550 rub), Adjarian khachapuri (470 rub), satsivi (420 rub), lobio (380 rub), dolma (450 rub) and many other dishes that are incredibly delicious. He fries meat on mangal and saj: lamb, beef, poultry and fish (saj with chicken for two persons, 1350 rub). He also introduced a unique “wild menu” with game dishes. All the dishes from chef perfectly complement the world-famous Georgia wines at very pleasant prices. Red wine from 380 rub. for a glass / 1900 rub. for a bottle, and white – from 1750 rubles for a bottle. We offer for the guests of Tkemali — two levels cozy halls, large tables with soft sofas and armchairs, light interior with many bright signs of a hospitable house, peace and coolness. While enjoying the Tkemali summer veranda in the company of friends with a large portion of meat cooked on fire, or khachapuri from a stove with a glass of real Georgian wine, it’s easy to feel yourself far from the city bustle, in a quiet, cozy and hospitable Georgian courtyard.