Georgian set

We are happy to present our guests a traditional Georgian set. This is the best way to get acquainted with the most popular dishes of Georgia.

Dishes are served in 3 courses for two person and consists of hits of Georgian cuisine in mini variations.
The set for 2 menu consists of 8 dishes. It contains vegetarian options, tradition Georgian pastry khachapuri and the rest is made up of poultry and meat. Flavours can be diverse as Georgian food is full of spices and sauces. Some flavours can be unexpected but work together really well. This makes for an enticing menu that can satisfy anyone looking to experience lots of different Georgian flavours all in one meal.

Below is a menu: A selection of dishes to share.
First course:

  • Spinach pkhali, beetroot pkhali on armenian bread
  • Eggplants rolls stuffed with nuts and tomatoes on a grape leaves
  • Chicken satsivi

Second course:

  • Georgian lobio stuffed in a pot with cabbage with traditional georgian cornbread “mchadi”
  • Adjarian khachapuri

Third course:

  • Lula kebab (chicken, lamb, veal)
  • Ojakhuri (roasted veal with potatoes with tkemali sause)
  • Khinkali with lamb

The price for all dishes in set – 2990 rub.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Moscow, 7/5, Pushechnaya st.
Tel.: +7 499 877-53-30+7 499 877-53-30

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